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Chukwudi Chuck Eke is not only a published author, but also a film producer, a movie director, and an actor. Interestingly, Chuck developed the theme and wrote the Script of his latest film from the 18th Chapter of his October 2021 book on Entrepreneurship. The title of the 18th Chapter of the Book is “Living Your Purposeful Dream No Matter the Odds.” Invariably, the title of the film developed from his 2021 entrepreneurship book that is right now completed and ready to fly is RAINBOW: LIVING YOUR DREAM. The Trailer of the Rainbow film is available at

The Synopsis and
Storyline of the Film

In Rainbow cinematic movie, there are two major protagonists Prince Rainbow Achebe living in Nigeria and Prince LeBron Hakeem based in the US – whose roles drive the intercontinental connections or interconnectivity of the film. Essentially, the chief protagonist, Rainbow, was inspired by the true-life story of Anderson Cooper of CNN who abandoned the great wealth of his parents in pursuit of his dream career in journalism beginning from Asia and West Africa.

So, Prince Rainbow following the path of Anderson abandons the wealth of his royal parents and the comfort of the parental home in Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta state city of Asaba to pursue his dream of becoming a celebrity musician and actor in Lagos city. Interestingly, his parents intended to sponsor him to become whatever he dreamed to be in life, but more importantly to become a lawyer and manage the large expanse of real-estate and huge financial fortunes they have. Nevertheless, Rainbow rejects all the offers from his royal parents and flees from the rich royal palace in pursuit of his dream. 

Unfortunately, he ends up with mischievous friends who are drug traffickers in Lagos city. Initially, doing drug runs with his friends, Prince Rainbow momentarily suffers ill fate here and there. After escaping being kidnapped and surviving an attempt to kill him by fellow drug gangsters (now frustrated and miserable like the prodigal son), he returns to his parents’ palatial home in Asaba. But after a very short while, being dissatisfied about not achieving his dreams without the support from his royal parents, he flees home a second time. 

Once again, he nearly lost his life after being kidnapped to be killed. Coincidentally – but orchestrated by God – Rainbow escapes and runs into a young lady, Latifa, also in pursuit of her own dream. Eventually, it was through Latifa that Rainbow divinely gets connected to Dangote Adenuga who owns a multi-million dollar recording company. Dangote kindly records and produces Rainbow’s award-winning songs in his platinum-recording studio and offered Rainbow a two-year contract of a whopping $750,000 for his debut album. 

In the same vein, Rainbow’s maternal cousin, the U.S. born and Nigerian-American Prince, LeBron Hakeem, through divine orchestration runs into a young white lady, Jennifer Aniston, that he eventually engages and marries. Before the engagement and marriage – while he was still hopeless after inventing a new electromechanical (speedbrake) device – Jennifer connects LeBron to her African-American friend, Gayle King, who is the fiancée to Tom Brady, the Boston-based white American millionaire investor and entrepreneur.  Through Gayle King’s influence, Tom Brady purchases the speedbrake device that LeBron invented while conducting post-graduate research at MIT, Cambridge, USA, at the whopping sum of US$70m (seventy million U.S. dollars). 

Pretty much, all the actors and the plots with the action-driven scenes are uniquely tailored together into one seamless sensational storyline. There are crime scenes, including kidnapping, drug trafficking, prostitution, gun battle, and betrayals among others. But they all ended in saving of souls and glorifying God! It is an action-packed, heart-throbbing, and brain-thrilling, great dream-inspiring film from start to finish!  

Target Audience

Any entrepreneur who owns a Cinema business is often interested in knowing the kind of audience that a film is targeted to entertain. This consideration has a lot to do with the category of people that’ll want to view the film. Without doubt, our Rainbow film is targeted at youths, with a dominant trendy theme about Youthful Dreams which is rampant in the global community today. 

Though a large percentage of our parents today don’t agree with their children’s dreams, they can’t always diminish such youthful dreams. And music, which is the major dream passionately pursued by the film’s Chief Protagonist, Prince Rainbow, has become a force to reckon with in our global space today. Therefore, most children (8-12 years), teenagers, young adults, and in fact every age bracket will relate to what Prince Rainbow is going through with the pursuit of his youthful dream. We strongly believe that our audience will desire to sit longer at home or public viewing place and see how or know if Rainbow triumphed with his dream to become a successful musician with platinum record to his credit as a celebrity artist just as he dreamed to be.


This is what gets and keeps viewers glued to their screens. In the Rainbow film series, more mouthwatering, heart-throbbing, neck-bending and nerve-wracking actions are introduced at such points you think the film is almost over. This happened more than 4 times in the film. For instance, Prince Rainbow as a prodigal son, fled his royal father’s palace to join a drug cartel in Lagos. He nearly died in gang-related fights and escaped kidnapping. Consequently, he tentatively repents and returns to his parents, admitting defeat. But shortly thereafter, again, he runs away from the palace in the pursuit of the same dream (becoming a superstar musician without the support of his royal parents) that almost took his life. 

Rainbow finally succeeds with his dream. To crown it all, his platinum-record label owner and producer makes a music video for Rainbow’s songs. At this point, one will think the film is over, but then we see another emerging commotion and eventual deadly conflict amongst the two drug cartels (the Sea-Lions and the Vampires) regarding the ownership of the drug routes, sharing of drug funds, and dissolving of the groups.


Any potential film industry investor is often interested in a movie that the producer(s) can build upon, confidently projecting into the future, as they are already geared for more episodes after the initial film or maiden production. Invariably, the Rainbow film will leave you asking questions like: “what, who, where, how, and why.” For example, you can see that Bishop Gates was maliciously set up by Oby, a member of the prostitution cartel called LOTUS Sisters, working hand-in-gloves with the drug cartels. But in this current episode of the film, you are left wondering or asking, “what’s the outcome of this evil plot against a man of God and by whom, where, and how?

In fact, you will be left in suspense wondering or you become so anxious to know what happens afterwards. Of course, all these questions are beautifully and creatively answered in the subsequent episodes. Also, you hear in this current episode of “Rainbow: Living Your Dream” film that Jimmy (the Capone or Head of the Sea-Lion drug cartel) is in prison. But you’re left wondering or asking, “why or for what offense?” Equally, you’re left in suspense to know or compelled to ask, “what happens when Jimmy gets out of prison?” 

When he gets out of jail, will Capone Jimmy's first target be to kill Prince Rainbow? And is so, why? Or will Jimmy go after his money shared by the lieutenant of his drug runs with the traffickers? Who is Princess Excellence? Could it be that she’s related to Jimmy or who? These are questions artistically and amazingly answered in the subsequent episodes.

Furthermore, in the Palace plots of the Rainbow film, certain puzzles were deliberately designed to leave you in suspense, compelling you ask more questions. For instance, “How did the fracas between Queen Nnenne Achebe and Princess Excellence end? Equally, what if Rainbow sold a fake drug (cocaine) to Alhaji? This question arises because Alhaji got the drug package for an “unbelievably” cheap price. In fact, it was his first time dealing in such business and didn’t even have the time to taste the product. Is it a bag full of chalk? Would he take the drug package home and his wife steals a kilo and goes out to sell to another drug baron who then finds out it’s fake or something else? Meanwhile, Alhaji in real life, Mr Macoroni is the popular Lagos-based comedian with over two million followers on Instagram.

Still in the Palace plot, we saw Davido only once. Plots and scenes with more of Davido will continue in upcoming episodes called the BOUTIQUE BETRAYALS still in the Rainbow film series. Lovers of Nonso Diobi – known as Davido in the film – are left in suspense to know or ask, “what’s up with Davido?” Interestingly, Nonso Diobi is a very popular A-List Nollywood actor, and all his fans will be keen to know what happens with him in the future episodes.

In one of the plots on illicit love affair in the Rainbow film, Princess Serena – Rainbow’s cousin and the younger sister of Prince LeBron Hakeem – storms out of Prince Lebron’s house in Boston, USA. She murmurs that LeBron is only jealous; and hence she concludes that LeBron is just gossiping and merely lying about Justin Bieber, her white boyfriend that she’s desperately in love for, while Justin is not serious with her. Meanwhile, LeBron was telling her the truth about the secret love affair of Justin Bieber with a white lady called Olivia. Justin is simply a “money digger” and “playboy,” but Serena blindly calls him “fiancé” whereas he’s cheating on her and spending Serena’s money on Olivia. 

That’s another tantalizing storyline with mesmerizing episodes already filmed and waiting to be utilized and aired. Much more on continuity, viewers will be keen to know and compelled to ask, “Did the U.S. born Nigerian Prince, Lebron Hakeem, decide to join his cousin, Prince Rainbow Achebe in Nigeria – after both realized their dreams – and perhaps to pursue ‘strange’ dreams afterwards?” Alternatively, did Prince Rainbow in the style of Eddy Murphy’s film “Coming to America,” go to the US to meet up with his cousin, LeBron to entice him into drug runs or something else after attaining celebrity status?

Also, strangely enough, Jennifer Aniston still suffers unpleasant encounters with Michael Jones, a young white racist and intruder into her home. Michael unsuccessfully tries repeatedly to convince Jennifer (a white lady) to dump LeBron her black fiancé. When he fails in wooing her into marriage, Michael eventually attempts to rape Jennifer. In frustration, for not realizing his dream of marrying Jennifer, did Michael attempt killing Lebron, the black American fiancé of Jennifer? Is yes, did he succeed in killing LeBron? If no, so what followed?  All these are plots in the Rainbow film that will individually definitely birth more of 1-hour-40-minute contents and/or episodes. 

Rainbow: An Intercontinental Film

Besides Ayo Makun a.k.a. AY Comedian, we’ve not seen any Nigerian film producer that has produced a real intercontinental film as we’ve now done. Majority of the “white men and women” shown in Nigerian movies are largely those that have been in Nigeria for years and have started losing their original English accent. Therefore, Rainbow film is astounding and stands out as one of a kind movie. Shot in two continents, two states in Nigeria and several cities and states in the USA, that’s a huge plus. And any investor will use that as one of his/her focus or considerations to measure the budget of producing such films, let alone the cost of acquiring them. 

Picture Clarity and Quality

Rainbow film is shot with Red Dragon camera which is one of the most sophisticated in the industry. In fact, the 16.9 resolution of the film can be viewed on a cinema screen and the pixels will still stand crispy. This is a great intercontinental film with Hollywood standard shot with the intention of making it irresistible to watch. Meanwhile, the storyline is inspired by the real-life story of Anderson Cooper of CNN with inspiring spotlights on Van Jones of CNN and Winfrey Oprah of OWN. 

Essentially, Cooper is from rich background or wealthy parents, but he never depended on his parents’ wealth, affluence (influence) and celebrity status to pursue his dream of becoming an accomplished journalist and TV celebrity. And that reality profoundly inspired Rainbow. Also, Rainbow dreamt of being like Van Jones of CNN who succeeded with his dream and came back to help his community. This is a great intercontinental film to behold and invest in.

Further Details about the Rainbow Intercontinental Film

This great and unconventional but trailblazing intercontinental film is solely produced by Chukwudi Chuck Eke in 6 cities in 2 countries and 2 continents. Some of the locations of the film in the U.S were in Orlando Florida plus Cambridge, Canton, and Boston in Massachusetts. In Nigeria, the locations were in Lagos and Asaba. Again, the title of this pacesetter film is “Rainbow: Living Your Dream.” It is an action-packed film with possibility of many episodes that could run for many seasons. It’s nerve-thrilling and heart-throbbing movie with some of the highlights hinging on crime, drug cartel runs, prostitution cartel, criminal set-ups, royal palace crises, beauty pageant contest, betrayals, trailblazing modelling contest at Lekki Barracuda beach and gun battle among several others.

Purpose of the Film

The purpose of the film is to demonstrate that God is the Creator, Giver, and Enabler of dreams. Also, the film promotes multiracial relationships and multicultural exchanges through some of the action-packed scenes in the U.S segment of the movie.

What Inspired the Film?

The film was inspired by the true-life story of 2 American celebrities, Anderson Cooper and Van Jones of CNN. In the film, the Chief Protagonist of the film, Prince Rainbow Achebe, was inspired by the true-life story of Anderson Cooper who didn’t depend on the affluence or influence of his wealthy parents to realize his dream of becoming a successful journalist and TV celebrity. Rather, depending on his own capacity and efforts, he pursued his dreams to success through unconventional ways, by going to cover crises-ridden places and bloody warfares in Africa, Asia, etc. In the same vein, Rainbow dreamt to be like Van Jones who as a successful attorney and professional expert returned to impact his community with his social capital, material wealth, psycho-motor skills, and intellectual capacities.

The major triggers and drivers of the “Rainbow: Living Your Dream” film are the influences that Anderson Cooper and Van Jones of CNN had upon Prince Rainbow Achebe’s and Prince LeBron Hakeem’s mindset, as well as Ophrah Winfrey’s motivational speeches that inspired the modelling contestants and prostitutes towards getting better dreams and transforming their lives and careers when they had opportunities to do so.

Equally, the Beauty Pageants’ firm resolve to be their best,  the prostitutes’ determination to transform their lives in the Prostitution Cartel, and especially the results-oriented with the focus-driven passion of the competitors in the Modelling Contest plot of the film were motivated by the inspiring lifestyle, motivational speeches, and winning mindset of America’s frontline media mogul, Winfrey Oprah.  Interestingly, the young ladies are captivated and inspired by Oprah’s legacy of motivating, raising, and rebuilding the lives of hopeless African female youths, who nurture great dreams but don’t know how to go about the realizations of their worthwhile dreams and visions in life. Hence, Miss South-East, the winner of the modelling contest in the film dedicated her award to Winfrey Oprah.

This action-packed film, Rainbow: Living Your Dream, is targeted at the youths of our global community who are always nurturing and pursuing different dreams. Equally, adults of all backgrounds have a lot of lessons to draw from this entertaining, informative, motivational, and educative movie. This film is highly inspiring and has lots of motivational messages that both youths and adults, and people of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds can relate to. 

For more details about this great film with huge investment potentials and a delight for our youths including a music video that we hope will rock the world, please don’t hesitate to call, or email us.  Also, visit the website of the film for more information including the Trailer of the film at

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