The Writer

Chuck Eke is a talented scriptwriter, screenwriter, songwriter, poet, and has written numerous published articles and several books. As a script writer, he wrote the initial outline to produce his film titled Rainbow: Living Your Dream. This included the dialogues and the accompanying actions as well as the description of sets, locations, and cities which match the narratives in the film.

Chukwudi, also, provided the foundational information used to produce the film. Particularly, he created and produced the Screenplay, that’s the finalized outline for the Rainbow film project. Chuck carefully developed the structural narratives and supervised the visual directions, making sure that the Crew followed his vision for the Rainbow film. In short, as the Executive Producer of the Rainbow film, he ensured that the production team comprising both the Cast and Crew made use of both the script and the screenplay.

Furthermore, Chuck Eke possesses great skills in Report Writing. His works are often precise, concise, clear, informative, and relevant to the needs, often going beyond the expectations of his clients and end users. Chuck enjoys teamwork and therefore assembles professionals who partner with him to give his clients the best products available, often exceeding their expectations. Each of his Technical Reports, including proposal writing, ongoing project review, program design, etc, is tailor-made to fit the needs of his clients.

Chuck has done report writing for corporate bodies, government agencies, non-government organizations, and private individuals. In each of his report production, he ensures the needs of the primary end users are his foremost priority. Hence, his reports are adapted to the needs of not just his immediate clients but mainly their audience for whose ultimate purpose, the reports are produced. Hence, his technical reports are very user-friendly, IT enabled, and excellently organized for the convenience of the users. The reports are also research-driven with very relevant graphic illustrations and diagrams, ensuring that his clients and their end users get more than enough value for the costs of producing such reports delivered within the timeframe agreed.

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