The Public Speaker

Chukwudi Eke is a confident, enthusiastic, lively, passionate, entertaining, and well-informed speaker, very knowledgeable about the subject-matter on which each of his speeches is based. In addition to the precision and clarity of his speeches without ambiguity, Eke’s body language, including the combination of his facial expressions, psycho-motor gestures, and movements often keep his audience with sustained rapt attention and profound interest. In fact, whether as event moderator, rapporteur, evangelist, large group-discussion speaker, film actor, movie director, corporate panel discussant, etc., Chuck Eke is an astounding public speaker with outstanding persuasive capabilities which enable him to influence his listening audience.

He has nurtured to excellence certain unique qualities which often enabled him in the past to easily mobilize mammoth crowds during electioneering seasons for political reasons. He also uses these excellent speaking abilities for national and community sensitizations, especially for community development purposes, thereby contributing towards nation-building of his aboriginal home country, Nigeria. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that His Excellency, Senator Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, the Governor of Delta State, Nigeria, engaged him between 2019 and 2023 as his Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Community Development. Prior to becoming the SSA on Community Development, Chukwudi had served (from 2018 to 2019) as SSA on Political Matters to the Delta State Governor. 

Some of the driving forces behind Eke’s oratory are his inspirations from God-propelled Scriptures, passion for what he loves doing, and his purpose-oriented lifestyle. His enthusiasm is quite electrifying, thereby magnetizing the attention and captivating the interest of his audience. And he is always conscious of the purpose of everything he engages himself in doing. Besides achieving enduring results, he often stresses that through his work in any field of human endeavors he is engaged in, he purposes to bring joy and satisfaction to people in his life and the communities he serves.

Chuck asserts that “astounding public speakers are not necessarily born orators. Rather, they have certain inherent or unborn capabilities toward oratory which they recognize as mustard seeds or potent power lying dormant in them. And subsequently, they nurture those tender seedlings and powerful talents to fruition and excellence.” Therefore, it is not surprising when Eke traced his ability towards public speaking to teachers and mentors in his primary school days in Ogwashi, Delta state (and later in Onitsha, Anambra state), Nigeria, where he participated in rehearsals in drama clubs and debating teams. Also, Chuck stressed that his skills toward public speaking were better enhanced during his secondary school years at Aboh Grammar School, Aboh, Delta State, where he once again joined and participated in the Dramatic and Debating societies in the school.  

Watching Chuck live while he’s speaking best describes his public speaking capabilities. Besides his attractive but humble personality, Chuck is very creative and humorous in his speech delivery. He easily connects with the life experiences of his audience, using fun-driven but relevant illustrations and examples to drive his points home. And as a teacher who had taught kids in primary schools, tutored students in secondary school, lectured undergraduates in associate degree tertiary institutions, and mentored emerging entrepreneurs in different areas of entrepreneurship, Chuck art of speaking is excellent. In fact, given his participation in international conferences in the United Nations systems; and especially his Educational-Foundations degree background from University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria; Chuck uses participatory approach to learning and Socratic method of speaking to engage his audience maximally and successfully. For the fact that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, getting Chuck involved in your program or event as a motivational speaker will prove Chuck’s capacity to make your event appetizing, successful, and memorable with his oratory.

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